Venice and Emotions

A famous city, full of palaces, squares, bridges, churches and convents. A seaside town, full of bridges, canals, allies... a human city made of houses, stores, small shops, boats and gondolas, floors and gossip... A space of light and shadows, sounds, colours and smells, where all diversities are put together and coexist in chaotic harmony: febrile and calm, seductive and repellent, blatant and mysterious, free and forced, observant and transgressive ... A city where the precarious and the eternal blend.

Venice is not just restaurants with “fixed menu” and cheap shops in measure of mass tourism, there is still an undercurrent of important artists artisans who through creativity keep alive the traditions of the place. Brocade fabrics, glass and molded metals, papier-mâché masks are evidence of a world of art-craft that won't disappear from Venice, indeed wants space between standard objects, ordinary and reproducible, firmly reaffirming Venetian culture and artistic expression.

My atelier, Arte dei decori, is an example of this world.
I create papier-mâché masks and necklaces made of brass, baths of silver and glass reinterpreting in an absolutely original way, several topics, both related to the stories and emotions of this place, related to the traditional icons of the art comedy. Every realization is unique, the result of emotions and inspiration of the moment, strongly characterized and treated in detail, a microcosm of details, full of inventions and decorative elements made precious because of manual processes.

It is not easy to describe Venice and its powerful emotions that can arouse differently in each of us and I try to do this through my masks and my jewellery.

I try to surprise, just like Venice, by creating precious objects so they identify our soul.

Raffaella Canziani